Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

Prince Philipp of Württemberg
19 February 1861

Volume 2, page 218, sitting number 2161.

Prince Philipp of Württemberg is seen here posing beside a copy of a statue of Joan of Arc, executed by his mother, Marie d'Orléans (1813-1839), Grand Duchess of Württemberg and daughter of Louis Philippe, King of the French. The original was completed at Versailles in 1837.

He married in 1865 Archduchess Marie-Thérèse of Teschen (1845–1927), daughter of Archduke Albert, Duke of Teschen, and Princess Hildegard of Bavaria. The marriage produced five children.

Upon the death of his cousin Duke Nicholas of Württemberg in 1903, Philipp became heir presumptive to the royal throne of Württemberg. On 29 November 1918 Württemberg's monarchy was abolished on the collapse of the German Empire following World War I.



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