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Pierre d'Orléans, duc de Penthièvre

Volume 1, page 14, sitting number 61.

Pierre, duc de Penthièvre, son of François, prince de Joinville and Françoise de Bragance, was born at St Cloud in 1845. 

At the outbreak of the American Civil War, in 1861 the Prince de Joinville travelled to America with his son Pierre and two of his nephews, the Count of Paris and the Duke of Chartres, to offer their services to the American government. Pierre and his cousins were enrolled in the naval academy at Annapolis, while the Prince de Joinville joined the staff of General McClellan. When difficulties arose between France and the United States with regard to the affairs of Mexico, the Orléans princes withdrew from the American army and returned to Europe.

The duc de Penthièvre never married, but had two illegitimate children by Angelique Lebesque; Pierre Lebesque (1881-1962) and Jeanne Lebesque (born 1879).

He died in Paris on 17 July 1919. 

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