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Another pose from the same sitting

Volume 1, page 228, sitting number 1100.

'The death of the Duchess of Sutherland, after a very short and severe illness, will occasion deep and widespread regret among her numerous friends. She had filled a great position in the world of English life. The hospitality of Stafford House, of Trentham, and of Dunrobin were proverbial. Whenever a great potentate arrived on our shores, it was one of the first duties of the great Scotch dukedom to entertain Sultan or Shah, Emperor or King, and it was always done in a fashion befitting the traditions of the noblest hospitality. The Duchess had lived in intimacy with Royalty, and had held high office at Court. With the Duke she had unfailingly sustained not only these courtly and national duties, but Stafford House had made itself a name in the highest and broadest sense whenever a great charity had to be sustained or a noble cause to be advocated. The doors of the princely mansion were ever open for the sake of the oppressed or the poor. [...] The brilliant career had its dark sides, and many cares attended the life of the lady whom many will mourn to-day. It was no doubt a great comfort to her that some ten days ago she took affectionate leave of her husband, about to start for foreign travel, and that at the last hour she was surrounded by her children. The Duchess was of an intensely religious character and while at an early period of her life she was devoted to the Evangelical doctrines, she latterly took a strong leaning to the High Church. In her whole career she was uniformly charitable and kindly, and won a host of attached and sincere friends. The Duke only landed yesterday in America, and the disastrous and fatal news must reach him to-day. From the Queen and Royal Family downwards to the large and attached household, one universal sorrow will be felt at the demise of a lady who had so well maintained the many duties incumbent upon her position and surroundings. [...]

'Messages of condolence were received at Stafford House during the day from the Queen, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and other members of the Royal Family; also from a large number of relatives and friends. 

'The news of the death of the Duchess of Sutherland was received at Torquay with the utmost regret and surprise, as she had only recently left her winter residence at Sutherland Towers for London. Flags were flying at half-mast yesterday at the hotels, clubs, and public buildings' (Morning Post, 27 November 1888). 


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Duchess of Sutherland, Anne Hay Mackenzie, Anne Hay-Mackenzie, Camille Silvy, Silvy